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Ussurian pear

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Height: 40-50 feet

Hardiness zone: 3

Spread: canopy 25 feet

Sun exposure: full sun only

Root system: Fibrous, yet strong. Do not plant near structures or septic fields.

Growth rate: Fast

Lifespan : 70 years +

This showy dense, oval shaped tree has many ornamental attributes. From the white clusters of flowers in the spring to the intense fall color of reds and golds , and yellow pomes in the fall, it’s sure to please!

​Also known as Harbin pear and Manchurian pear, their fruit is usually used for canning and juicing and is best harvested after a light frost, which makes the pomes sweeter.

​Fruit size is 6-8 cm in diameter. Birds love to graze upon this tree. This tree does best in well drained, loam-type soils. Does not tolerate standing water.

(Trees are sold in bundles of 10. Seedlings range from 8-20 inches. Trees are shipped in May via Canada post expedited services, you will then receive a delivery notice inside your mailbox. You will be notified by email once they are sent out. Please note: an admin/ app fee of $25 will be added to your order during checkout)