Prairie Shelterbelt Program

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We sell our seedlings publicly to everyone! We do not require any information on your planting areas.

All of our seedlings are sold in bundles of 10 for $36. Shipping is according to total order cost, but on average, our clients pay $30.

We ship all of May and into early June.

Yes! We sure do.

We begin to take orders for next spring delivery in August. All trees are on a first-come, first-reserved basis. The sooner you place your order in the fall/winter, the sooner in May you receive it! Our suggested deadline is April 1, but we sell trees until we are sold out!

The seedlings range in size from approx. 8-20 inches, depending on the variety. On average, most of them are in the 18” range. We try our best to have the approximate size on each product description, or give us a call and ask about a specific variety.

We use Canada Post expedited services. Generally, it takes 3-5 days in transit anywhere in western Canada. We email you the day it ships, then a few days later, you will find a delivery notice inside your mailbox for post office pick up.

The trees are kept as dormant as possible during shipping for them to be of the highest possible quality for you once you receive them. It can easily take them four weeks to break dormancy, bud plump, then leaf out.
(reference a regular spring and how long it naturally takes outside )

We have both. Some items grow better in a more controlled environment like the greenhouse, and some do better in a field setting.

Most of our clients only have Po box numbers or Rural Route addresses. We ship to the post office, so you’ll find a delivery notice inside your mailbox for postal pickup.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate pick-ups as we are a wholesale only, ship-out location.

You bet! Call in and let us know your plans, and we will mark down the date you'd like your trees to arrive on a special calendar.

We have 28 different kinds of trees and shrubs available. We carry lilacs, columnar poplars, golden willows, red osier dogwood, caragana, Manitoba maple, saskatoons, cotoneaster, larch, colorado blue spruce, green ash, and a variety of large poplars, to name a few.

Spacing is 10 feet for trees and 3 feet for shrubs. Rows apart should be 8 feet.

Yes, call the office and chat with one of the ladies, or email correspondence works too! Or check out the tab ‘plan a Shelterbelt.’

Please visit our website at www.prairieshelterbeltprogram.ca to place an online order, call the office @ (403) 507-8340 to place an order, or to have an order form sent to you.

Prairie Shelterbelt Program