Prairie Shelterbelt Program

Canadas Highest Quality Tree Seedlings

Led by Alyssa DeGray, Prairie Shelterbelt Program is Canada's highest quality seedling distributors. We began in 2015 and offer the finest tree seedlings. We distribute tree seedlings to the general public and are only available in Canada.

Prairie Shelterbelt Program

Our Procedure

Prairie Shelterbelt Program ships seedlings during May and early June. You’ll receive information of seedling delivery through email or phone calls. We sell trees in bundles of 10. There will be planting instructions inside your parcel for helpful guidance.

We also provide approximate sizes for each plant in the product description, and all are considered conservation grade. We have all hands on deck for shipping. Should you have an inquiry, you can email us.

* Seedling sales begin in august for the following spring delivery in may. Trees are sold on a first come, first reserved basis: If you order sooner in the year, the sooner your seedling shipment will arrive to you in may.

Why Choose Us?

  • Highest quality seedling provider in Canada.
  • Finest tree seedlings.
  • Seedling delivery information.
  • Stress education to our customers teaching them the best way to plant and care for their saplings.