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Shelterbelt Information

Tree and Plant Care Methods

Get necessary tree and plant care solutions at Prairie Shelterbelt Program in Sundre, AB. Our company provides effective methods for growing a tree or plant on your property. Rely on our tree experts and we will give you quality plant care support.

Fertilizing and Compost

We do not recommend fertilizing your shelterbelt trees. Because they are planted to be a strong wind break that can survive a harsh Canadian winter, you want to ensure that your tree is as strong as it can be on its own. Fertilizing can make the seedlings more "dependent" on it, thus not producing as tough as a tree as it would without. Regular watering is very important in the first year, and will be the primary method of keeping your trees alive and healthy. Compost is often used as a soil amendment when planting. Please remember that compost is naturally very salty and no more than 30% of your soil amendment should be compost. If you insist on fertilizing for the first year, a slow release granule mixture would be the best method of choice.


It is paramount that your seedlings for the first or second year receive sufficient water. If they dry out, they will die once leafed out, especially the Spruce and Pines. These are very fragile trees, and they deserve your attention for the investment you have made. We recommend to water once a week, and twice a week in the hot months, such as July and August.


We recommend that you keep the weeds away from your seedlings to prevent nutrient and water competition. Generally, a 1-foot radius around the tree is ideal. Mulch can help keep the weeds down by preventing the light from penetrating the soil thus helping in weed seeds germinating.


There are several methods of mulching available to you. Some of the mulches available to you would include wood mulch, plastic mulch, and bark chips. Landscape fabric covering over the row of trees also helps, just make an "X" in the fabric, plant your tree and then cover with mulch!


Pruning generally takes place in the early spring and late fall. The reason for this method for most tree species is to ensure the sap from the trees is slower and thicker, thus less tree sap is lost.

Planting Care

Search for Damage and Discrepancies

Check your plants for damage or discrepancies upon arrival. If concerned please call our office immediately in order to discuss a solution. Please remember that the seedlings are dormant, and may appear "dead" to some. A simple scratch test using your fingernail at the bottom of the tree trunk will show you that there is green inside the trunks. Trees can easily take a couple of weeks to come out of dormancy after you receive them, be patient.

Break Dormancy

If you have received bare root material, we suggest soaking the roots for up to 24 hours in water to help them break dormancy and begin performing for you. If you have plug material, there is no need to soak them.

Plant Your Trees Immediately

For best results, we recommend planting your trees right away. If you are unable to plant as soon as possible, we suggest storing them in a cool, dry place such as a garage or shop floor, away from sunlight and heat. To ensure the trees don't dry out, make sure to give them a sprinkle of water. Make sure they also have sufficient ventilation to prevent mold from growing.

Cover the Roots Completely

When planting, place the seedling inside the hole you have dug and make sure the roots are set out in a natural fashion, spread out and arranged in a downward orientation. To make sure the tree is planted well, simply pack the soil around the roots firmly. Make sure all the roots are covered completely.

Put Shade on Your Seedling

When planting, it's imperative that the seedlings do not dry out in the sun while waiting to be planted. Take a bucket with water and some burlap to cover the trees if you do not have any shade close by to keep them in while you plant.

Get In Touch With Our Team To Inquire About Proper Tree Maintenance

Get in touch with our team of professional planters to have your desired tree properly taken care of and maintained to ensure its health as it grows. Contact us at (403) 507-8340 to learn more about our planting support services. Send us your planting inquiries today and our accommodating staff will gladly assist you with all your tree planting needs.

Warranty: Due to the perishable nature of nursery stock, the effects of weather conditions, transplanting and care practises, we cannot be responsible for losses after 7 days of acceptance of the nursery stock.